Recruiting, Screening and Hiring Policies

Often overlooked by most of our competitors is that the guarantee of security starts with a company's hiring practices. PBS is committed to obtaining and providing the best, most qualified labor force in today's industry. This is accomplished with a careful preliminary interview. Every effort is made to hire candidates with prior cleaning experience. Following the interview is a written and oral screening test by an outside independent employment screening service. All candidates are tested for criminal records, honesty, reliability, substance abuse, credibility and socialization. Anyone scoring as a "risk" in any area is not considered as a candidate.

Upon hiring, all cleaning personnel experience a comprehensive training program, which includes classroom (videotapes) and on-the-job training sessions.

Regarding the replacement hires or new job trainees, the replacement / trainee's supervisor closely monitors the employee until he/she is confident that the employee is familiar with the work area and can do the work. All work of the replacement employee is closely monitored and checked afterwards by a Supervisor on a nightly basis. Whenever possible, replacements spend a minimum of one night with the employees who they are replacing in order to familiarize themselves with the area and its requirements.

Security procedures are instituted to protect all of us from a small minority of unsavory individuals. The greater majority of people who pass through your doors are honest and hard working. Reducing access and limiting exposure to those with ill intent, improves security.

This overlooked, yet obviously simple practice, safeguards us all.

Drawing personnel with HONEST character traits from the available work pool is what PBS is all about! WE may well be the only janitorial Service Company in the Tri-state area that evaluates each applicant through independent testing and screening.

PBS is devoted to insuring that anyone we hire displays "low risk" traits in honesty, dependability and substance abuse categories. This is done by retaining an independent outside screening service for testing and evaluation. Each applicant is subjected to a written test evaluation followed by an intensive-screening interview. The extent of testing and further background checks is commensurate with the job to be filled.

Employee evaluation procedures

Custodial service employees at every level must be skilled in all aspects of the job. Only through training and development does the required proficiency occur. The training must be reality-based and be geared both towards technical skills as well as human relations and interpersonal communication skills.

Knowing how well standards are being met, how closely schedules are adhered to, how much the program is costing, where and how many man-hours are being expended for various types of services, and, ultimately, the satisfaction level of customers - are the measures of performance for custodial services. These measures require documentation in order to assess progress or service deterioration. PBS has developed appropriate performance measurement systems and tools for the custodial services program.

Work standards which are acceptable not only to managers, but also to employees, are valuable in terms of helping employees feel that tasks are fairly distributed and not arbitrarily assigned.